Old Savannah City Mission
"Savannah's only Five-Star Gospel Rescue Mission"

He said " I was hungry and you gave me
food. I was a stranger and you took me
in." Matthew 25:35
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
with a Mission to:
Proclaim the Gospel

Feed the Hungry

Shelter the Homeless

Rehabilitate the Addict

Restore the Ex-offender
Urban Training Institute(UTI)

Residential, Relational Rehabilitation

"High Standards...
Strong Boundaries...
Clear Direction!"
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He said " I was hungry and you gave me
food. I was a stranger and you took me
in." Matthew 25:35
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For some time UTI has been developing  two
distinct divisions.  The Clean Start Division is
designed to facilitate freedom from substance
reaches men who while incarcerated come to
faith and genuinely desire a fresh start in life.  
The most distinguishing component of UTI is
its mentorship component.  Mature Christian
men are matched with students for a year long
mentoree work together in all areas of life.  
Mentors are required to train and commit to be
with their assigned student for a minimum of
two hours weekly.  
Fresh Start Student and
The Mission was founded through the inspiration of Larry McDaniel, Pastor of The
Sanctuary in Savannah, Georgia, after he was invited to preach at the Los Angeles Mission
by Reverend Jim Lewis. When Larry would return to preach at The Sanctuary in Savannah,
he would tell the congregation about the Los Angeles Mission. The Mission’s ministry was
contagious. And soon, members of The Sanctuary were on board to start a Mission in
Savannah. Pastor Larry brought members of his church with him to Los Angeles. They
caught the vision of Rescue Ministry too. Under Larry’s leadership, the Old Savannah City
Mission was established in 1997. In a real sense, this was a daughter mission. Jim
encouraged Larry to grow and develop a residential, recovery program patterned after the
one at the Los Angeles Mission.

Several years after the establishment of the Old Savannah City Mission Pastor McDaniel
and the Board of Directors invited Jim Lewis to become the Executive Director of the
Mission. Through his leadership the Mission grew and became perhaps the best known and
only Five Star Gospel Mission in the Savannah area.

While serving as Executive Director of the Los Angeles Mission Reverend Lewis developed
UTI, Urban Training Institute. He continued to develop UTI in Savannah. It champions “high
standards, strong boundaries and clear direction.” It is a vehicle that advances
transformation. It gives formerly homeless drug addicts, alcoholics, ex-offenders and others
who feel themselves outcast to become STUDENTS. For those who have little or no self
esteem, labels are removed and they are given a new name. This is fundamental to the
ministry of the Old Savannah City Mission. No one is called “homeless, guests or clients.”
UTI students, staff and volunteers refer to those they serve as “friends and neighbors.”

UTI is the “crown jewel” of the Old Savannah City Mission. It transforms students from being
a receiver to being a giver. The students are the engine of the entire operation of the
Mission. Students are empowered, trusted and held accountable. Jim’s definition of success
is when the student excels the teacher— in line with John 14:12, “Most assuredly, I say to
you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than
these he will do, because I go to My Father.”

Greatest Challenge
What is our greatest challenge? “It is the down to earth, nuts and bolts. It is our cash flow
problem. It’s funding! The Old Savannah City Mission is privately funded. It receives no
public or United Way funds.  Because we are a Gospel Rescue Mission we are intentionally
politically incorrect. Here at OSCM we walk by faith and not by sight; however our fountain
of faith runs low sometimes. We know God never fails, but He does make us nervous. God
always comes through.

Greatest Joy
We delight to see people learn because when they learn God’s Word, they change. We
love to teach God’s Word. To see it germinate in someone’s heart and grow ... to see the
work of God in someone’s life. Our greatest joy is when we see a student “get it.”
Pastor Larry McDaniel
Executive Director
Located at:  2414 Bull Street, Savannah, GA  Phone: 912.232.1979

Often a hot meal is
the first step toward
a changed life.
"Building Bridges of Hope"

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Pastor Larry McDaniel serves as Executive Director
of The Old Savanna City Mission. Pastor McDaniel
brings many years of ministry experience to The
Mission. Although he and his wife, Annette, have
been residents of Savannah since 1985 their
gospel ministry began in Sanford, Florida in 1965.
His first pastorate was in Deland, Florida and from
there they launched a long career of foreign
mission work. They spent many years in the
Caribbean serving as a pastor in Bridgetown,
Barbados and then in the Republic of Haiti. In 1985
he came from serving as a missionary to Western
Europe to become the Senior Pastor of Coastal
Cathedral Church of God here in Savannah. In
1994 he became the Founding Pastor of The
Sanctuary of Savannah at 8912 Whitefield Ave.