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Old Savannah City Mission is in dire need of a kitchen renovation and we need your help.
We received a commitment last year from a construction company to do the work at no cost to the
Mission, but that has fallen through. Several contacts  made to other companies have not been
successful, and we are now faced with having to raise the funds ourselves.

We need to expand and renovate our kitchen, updating its day to day food preparation,
efficiency   and   storage   capabilities   to   better   serve   the   hungry,  the   poor,  and   the   needy   in   our
community. Besides being too small, our walk-in refrigerator-freezer has been repaired repeatedly
over the last four years. To remedy that, we have applied for and received a grant for $27,000 from
the Alan S. Gaynor Fund for a brand new walk-in refrigerator-freezer.  To help with the renovation,
Mr. Arnaldo Torres of Savannah Restaurant Equipment submitted Old Savannah City Mission’s
name   to   “Cooking   Up   Better   Lives”   for   their   annual   national   project   to   help   non-profit
organizations. The good news is that Old Savannah City Mission was selected and we are the
recipients of:

            One ten burner range with two ovens from South Bend
            One deep fat fryer from Pitco
            One two door refrigerator and a one door refrigerator from Norlake
            One five well hot food serving table from Supremetal
            One commercial dishwashing unit

In addition to Mr. Arnaldo Torres and the Alan S. Gaynor Fund, Mr. Patrick Shay of  Gunn,
Meyerhoff, Shay and Sebring Engineers have also supported this project. It has been estimated that
the construction costs will be approximately $170,000.   To date, we have raised $26,000 and we
need your help to reach our goal.

If  you  have   questions   or   need   additional  information,   please   do  not  hesitate to   contact
Connell Stiles at 912-232-1979.  We look forward to your positive response. Click the “DONATE
NOW” button to help make this vision become a reality. THANK YOU!


                                                                                     William E. Stiles
                                                                                     Executive Director
                                                                                     Connell J. Stiles
                                                                                     Director of Development
Old Savannah City Mission
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He said " I was hungry and you gave me
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A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
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