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"Savannah's only Five-Star Gospel Rescue Mission"

He said " I was hungry and you gave me
food. I was a stranger and you took me
in." Matthew 25:35
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
with a Mission to:
Proclaim the Gospel

Feed the Hungry

Shelter the Homeless

Rehabilitate the Addict

Restore the Ex-offender
Urban Training Institute(UTI)

Residential, Relational Rehabilitation

"High Standards...
Strong Boundaries...
Clear Direction!"
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Located at:  2414 Bull Street, Savannah, GA  Phone: 912.232.1979
Donations can be sent to:
Old Savannah City Mission
P. O. Box 16839
Savannah, GA 31416

2424 Bull Street
1116 Mills B Lane
"Building Bridges of Hope"

OSCM Newsletter

Often a hot meal is
the first step toward
a changed life.
Dear Friends,

    Most people in Savannah don't talk about hunger because they don't see it.
Homeless people usually aren't out on Main Street. They're hidden in alleys, under
bridges, out of the way.

    But I'm so grateful you see what others don't. Your Support of Old Savannah City
Mission is a blessing.

    We just launched
the Savannah area 2018 Hunger Fund, and I thought you
should know. Our Goal is to significantly reduce hunger in our community.

               I hope I can count on you again, because we need to provide the area's
               homeless men, women and children with 7,500 meals in the next 30 days.
To meet this considerable goal, we must raise the finds needed by
               April 30th.

Every $2.05 you give provides one hearty meal at the Mission to a homeless
person in our community
. Your support helps replenish our kitchen, which endures
tremendous wear and tear every day with so many people coming in. Plus you help
provide shelter, clothing, and many other recovery services.

    Please open your heart again and give of whatever is right for you today. You
will fill empty stomachs and comfort suffering people.

                                                                      William Stiles
                                                                      Executive Director

P.S.     Record numbers of people continue turning to the Mission for food and
           shelter.Please give generously to t
he Savannah area Hinger Fund by
           April 30th to feed hungry, neighbors.
Old Savannah City Mission
Heavy demand on the Mission during the Easter season has depleted our
resources. Please help us restock our kitchen and strengthen recovery
services. Give by
April 30th, so we can feed more homeless
people - and put them on the path to a new life.