"Savannah's only Five-Star Gospel Rescue Mission"

He said " I was hungry and you gave me
food. I was a stranger and you took me
in." Matthew 25:35
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
with a Mission to:
Proclaim the Gospel

Feed the Hungry

Shelter the Homeless

Rehabilitate the Addict

Restore the Ex-offender
Urban Training Institute(UTI)

Residential, Relational Rehabilitation

"High Standards...
Strong Boundaries...
Clear Direction!"
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Located at:  2414 Bull Street, Savannah, GA  Phone: 912.232.1979

2424 Bull Street
1116 Mills B Lane
"Building Bridges of Hope"

OSCM Newsletter

Often a hot meal is
the first step toward
a changed life.
Old Savannah City Mission
"Get a job." But after Edward's brother died, he could barely
function. There are two sides to every story . . . if you have the
compassion to look deeper.
Dear Friends,

How many times have you seen a homeless person and heard someone say:

 "Get a job."

Edward has heard those words many times. As a longtime resident of the streets who
slept on sidewalks, he heard it every day. But he was so down for so long, he started to
believe it:

Maybe I am just a bum.

I'll tell you the other side of Edwards story in a moment, but for now know this:

There are plenty of people like Edward in Savannah . . . men, women and children on the streets or
without a home . . . hungry, hopeless, and hurting. Your donations to Old Savannah City Mission could
literally help rescue one of these suffering souls.

Edward often has a smile on his face, but he says it is mostly fake.

"People don't know how much pain I have experienced, in more ways than one," he says. "So much pain that I
considered suicide . . ."

Edward's childhood was tragic. "My dad was abusive, and my mom was an alcoholic. They divorced when I was
about 6."

The final straw for Edward was when his younger brother was tragically killed in an auto accident.

Edward turned to booze to numb his pain. He held a job for a while, but his drinking spun out of control as he fell
into deeper depression. He held a gun to his head at one point, before deciding to give life "another shot."

He came to the Mission, where he was greated with a warm meal, followed by a hot shower and clean clothes. For
the first time in years, he slept safely and soundly. After breakfast the next morning, he began the process of
entering the Urban Training Institute, and received the help in finding the hope he desperately needed.

In time, Edward began to heal, to transform from the inside out. His depression diminished, and he had more
spring in his step. New life was taking hold.

"Now I look at things differently," he says. "I'm happier than ever . . . and not just on the outside. If it weren't for the
Mission, I'd probably be dead. I feel like I've gotten my life back.

Today, Edward is a changed man. He has beaten his alcoholism . . . his depression is under control . . . he has
found purpose.
And Edward has a job and will be living on his own soon!

Edward gives thanks to God, the Mission, and especially YOU for his transformation.

Will you open your heart today to help another someone like Edward? Your generous gift today could literally
make a life-or-death difference for a hurting neighbor.

                                                          God bless you,
                                                          William Stiles, Sr.
                                                          Executive Director

P.S. Remember, there are two sides to every story.
Put your compassion into action with a gift today. Thank
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